Teaching and Learning with Technology
Diana Dell, Ed.S. - Instructional Technology Specialist
Valley Park eMINTS Program Agendas


Agendas 2004-2005

Year 1
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  Year 2
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August - Orientation, SMART Board Basics, iKeepbookmarks.com, AUP

September 8- Scheduling, Classroom Management and NetSmartz

September 1- Scheduling/Email September 29- Interdisciplinary Thinking
September 15- Computer Basics October 12 - Assessment
September 22- Constructivism in the Technology-Rich Classroom October 20 -  Communication Arts Lessons
September 28- Planning a Class Website November 4- Using Excel to Enhance Teaching and Learning
October 6 - Using the SMART Board to Enhance Teaching and Learning November 17- Online Projects-Part 1
October 14- Using Cooperative Learning in the Technology Rich Classroom December 8- Cluster Meeting: Math
October 21 - Microsoft Word December 15- Advanced PowerPoint
November 3- Inquiry-based Lessons in the Technology-Rich Classroom January 13- Cluster Meeting: Social Studies
November 10- Using PowerPoint to Enhance Teaching and Learning January 27- Online Projects- Part 2
December 1- Building a Community of Learners in the Technology-Rich Classroom/ NetSmartz February 23- WebQuests Revisited
January 5- Finding and Organizing Internet Resources March 3- Joint Cluster Meeting
January 12- (Full Day) Creating a Classroom Website March 16- Website Enhancement
January 19- Using the Digital Camera April 14- Cluster Meeting
February 3- Publishing Your Classroom Website April 28- Cluster Meeting: Science
February 16- (Full Day) Class Website Work Day May 12- Cluster Meeting: Contemporary Literacy
February 22- Introduction to WebQuests June- Planning for Next Year
March 3- Joint Cluster Meeting
March 4- (Full Day) Revising a WebQuest
March 9- Using Inspiration to Enhance Teaching and Learning/ Introduction to Questioning Strategies
March 22- Cluster Meeting
April 13- Designing a Classroom Newsletter
April 20- Understanding the MAP
May 4- File Management
June 1-2 - Writing a WebQuest

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