The Age of Exploration

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  Activity 1

   Name that Explorer!

Identify explorers based on clues and pictures.  Work with your partner.  You will use an Internet site and your textbook. Your grade is based on the number of explorers that you and your partner correctly identify.




  Activity 2

   The Story of European Exploration

Step 1 - Work with your partner and place these events in the proper sequence.  Copy and paste the ordered events into a Word document. Make sure that you know the dates that correspond to each event.

Step 2- Create a horizontal timeline using the ordered events at this site.  You should reword the events you pasted into the Word Document and type them into the Timeline Maker text boxes.  Notice that there is a limit to the number of letters that can fit in the Timeline Makers textboxes.  Add the dates that correspond to each event.  Make sure that you enter a title for your timeline.

Step 3- Print the timeline using landscape orientation.




  Activity 3

   History Mystery

Solve this History Mystery with your partner.  Read the clues and search the Internet to identify the mystery explorer.  You may use up to four clues. Your grade will be based on the number of clues that you use.  Remember:  Spelling counts! 




  Activity 4

   Explorer Globe

Choose an explorer and create a globe that shows the route(s) that the explorer used during their exploration(s).  Mark the beginning point with an X and the ending point with a star.

Cut out both pieces of the patterns below.  Make sure to cut  inside the lines. Use colored pencils to color the continents brown and the oceans blue.  Label all continents and oceans. Trace the route(s) in green.  Write the explorer's name neatly on the globe. Glue or tape the two tabs around the equator. Begin gluing or taping the tabs to the back of the piece next to it. Continue until you have a complete globe.

Globe Pattern 1        Globe Pattern 2



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