Objective:  To read, interpret, and construct food webs



How do organisms interact in an ecosystem?

1. Review the essential vocabulary:
Click on each term below to see its definition. Each definition will open in a new window.  Close the window to return to this page.

producer        consumer        decomposer        carnivore        omnivore        herbivore         primary consumer        secondary consumer
food chain        food web

2. Analyze this food web by classifying the organisms and determining the missing element:


Look for food chains within the following food web:


3. With your partner, plan for and construct a food web.  You may use Inspiration, Kidspiration, or the shape and arrow tools in MS Word to create the food web.

Check out the rubric so that you know what is expected.

Criteria for the food web include:

This MS Word template will help you with planning.  Download it and save it into your directory.  Make sure you save your changes.  Discuss your plan with Mrs. Dell before you begin constructing the food web.

Other resources that will help you:

Example of a Food Web Food Pyramid
Who Eats What? Food Chains and Webs
Explanation of Food Webs African Grasslands Web

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