Teacher Page

The Process

1. You will be assigned to a team of exhibitors.  In addition, you will choose one of the following positions. Click on the buttons to view the job description for all of the positions so that you know what is expected of you as well as what is expected of your teammates.

2. Your group will be assigned one of the following topics:

3. Brainstorm the topic with your group and make a list of what you already know about your topic. Record the list in the "K" column of a KWHL chart.  Remember to answer the question, "What do we already know about this topic?"

4. Continue the discussion with your group to complete the "W" column of the KWHL chart. Remember to answer the question, "What questions do we have about this topic?"

5. Click on your topic button above to see th "L" column of the KWHL chart. Remember to answer the question: "What did we learn? You should answer each of the questions that from the "W" column.

11. On the back of the KWHL chart, answer the following question:

How do forces and motion affect the Earth and everything on it?