Teaching and Learning with Technology
Diana Dell, Ed.S. - Instructional Technology Specialist
Year 1-Inquiry-Based Lessons with Technology

Session Goals:
  • examine and describe the elements of an inquiry-based lesson
  • understand the principles and concepts of essential questions, higher level thinking skills and their use in inquiry-based lessons
  • develop original inquiry-based lessons.

Essential Question:  How can teachers incorporate inquiry into their lesson design process?

eMINTS Links: http://resources.emints.org/links/inquirylessons/

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops:  If you were a food in a supermarket, what food would you be?  Why?

  • Inquiry KWL Chart:  What do we know about Inquiry-based learning?  What do we want to learn?

  • A Scoring Guide for an Inquiry-Based Lesson:  Working with a partner, download the Scoring Guide Template in Word.  Research the components of inquiry-based lessons that you are assigned using the research guide and complete the scoring guide to evaluate lessons.  One will stay and one will stray to gather/share information from the other groups.  Use what you learned in the last session about Word and make your scoring guide look professional.  You will learn to convert these to html and publish these on the Internet.  You will share the scoring guide that you completed with the entire group.

Group 1

  • Inquiry-based processes
  • Role of teacher and student
  • Use of Essential Questions
  • Group generated component

Group 2

  • Student Questions
  • Resources
  • Student Products
  • Group generated component
Group 3
  • Evaluation

  • Use of Technology-Grappling's

  • Higher-level thinking- Bloom's

  • Group generated component

  • Dinner Break

  • Reviewing the eMINTS Constructivist Lesson-Plan Form

  • Developing Essential Questions

    • Identify the three characteristics of essential questions

    • Classify questions as essential or non-essential

    • Write an essential question for your lesson topic

  • Create your own inquiry-based lessons
    You will share the lesson you create with the group.

  • KWL- Reflection time!  What have you learned?

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