The Task
Written by Diana Dell

The task of your group is to use your textbook and Internet resources to discover as much as you can about the culture you were assigned. Record the information on this graphic organizer. The information that your group finds will be used to create a chapter in a non-fiction ebook, using PowerPoint, which will be presented to our reading/technology buddies. As a class, we will develop a table of contents, a foreword, an index, a bibliography, and a glossary of important terms.

Focus on the following information:

  • Location
    • Where did they live?
    • Describe the geography of the area.
    • Find a picture of the area.
  • Shelter
    • Describe the type of home.
    • What natural resources were used to construct the home?
    • Find or create a picture of the shelter
  • Diet
    • What did they eat?
    • How was the food prepared?
    • Find or create a picture of their food.
  • Clothing
    • What did they wear?
    • How was their clothing affected by the climate and natural resources?
    • Find or create a picture of their clothing.
  • Transportation
    • How did they move from place to place?
    • Did they have a need to travel from place to place? Why or why not?
    • Find or create a picture of a device that was used to transport people or things.
  • Arts and Crafts
    • What are some examples of the arts and crafts of this culture?
    • What natural resources where used in creating the arts and crafts?
    • Find or create a picture of an art or craft from this culture.
  • Interesting Facts
    • What other unique things did you find out about this culture? Did they play games? Have a government? Have certain religious or burial practices? Build great structures? Have social classes?

IMPORTANT: Keep track of the sites that you visit and the images that you save by copying and pasting the urls into a word document. It is very important to give credit where credit is due! Even kids must follow copyright laws! The urls will be needed as we create our bibliography.

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