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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Answers these a-mazing questions after reading each chapter.

Book report form

Discussion Questions

Questions by Chapter

Cyber Guide

Interactive Comprehension Games:

Journey of the Rats
The Adventures of the Frisby Family

Name the Frisby Character!

Frisby Vocabulary in Context

Frisby Jeopardy

Frisby Columns

Frisby Crossword

Frisby Sequence

Frisby Millionaire

Interactive Vocabulary Games:

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Vocabulary Challenge -300 Words!

Frisby Vocabulary Game

Frisby Hangman

Frisby Hangman 2

Frisby Vocabulary (Chapters 5-8)

Frisby Vocabulary (Chapters 5-9)

Frisby Vocabulary (Chapters 8-10)

Frisby Flash, Match, Concentrate, Search

Frisby Battleship

Vocabulary Java Games

Frisby Vocabulary (Open Court)

Frisby Hangman (Part 1)

Frisby Hangman (Part 2)


Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Trivia Quiz
Mrs. Frisby and the Crow
The Big NIMH Quiz

Connections to Animal Study

Think about food webs and feeding relationships that exist in the book. Experiment with food webs and feeding relationships with these interactive websites.

Fun with Food Webs
Eat or be Eaten

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