The American Revolution
Lesson developed and compiled by Diana Dell



 The Big Question:
 What are the major causes, events, battles, and documents of the American Revolution?

You and your partner will write and illustrate a poem or song about one of the major events of the American Revolution.  You may choose a cause, event, people, battle, or document that is tied to the American Revolution.  The table below provides some suggestions, however, you may select a topic that is not listed. Your poem or song must be at least 150 words.


Stamp Act

Taxation without Representation

Quartering Act

Intolerable Acts

 Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

First Continental Congress

Bunker Hill

Valley Forge





George Washington

Ben Franklin

Thomas Paine

John Hancock

Thomas Jefferson

Declaration of Independence

Common Sense

Articles of Confederation


Here are samples of songs and poem that have already been written:

 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

The Shot Heard Round the World

Fireworks The Declaration of Independence

The Birth of A Nation


Use these resources to select and research the topic of your song or poem.  Write your topic on the board so that the other students will know that it has been taken:

 This Rhyming Dictionary will assist you in your writing.



You may use PowerPoint or Word to present your finished song or poem.

 We will create the scoring guide together in class.


Songs and poems completed by Mrs. Dell's 2002/2003 class:

Brian and Eric