Understanding Root Words
A web lesson complied by Diana Dell, Ed.S.

What are root words?

A root word is a real word. We make new words from root words by adding prefixes and suffixes.

What is a word family?

A word family is a group of words that share the same root word. 

Why do I need to know root words?

Understanding root words will help you with spelling other words because word families share spelling patterns.

If you recognize the root of an unfamiliar word, it will help you to figure out what the word is and what it means.

What are some examples of word families?

This chart list several word families.

Help, I still don't get it!  Where else can I learn about root words?

Here are some other resources to help you understand root words:

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Tending to Root Words

Okay, I am ready to practice!  Where are the learning activities?

Three quizzes.  Beat them all!

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