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Websites Created
Staff Training

It Ain't Rocket Science-

This tutorial guides teachers through the process of using Microsoft Word to create web pages.  It is written with beginners in mind.

Online Teacher Tools-

This workshop will assistant both Internet beginners and veteran surfers in discovering websites and online tools to help teachers save time and improve instruction.

Online Web Design Tools-

This workshop introduces online tools to help teachers create websites. Both web design beginners and veteran designers  will find tools to enhance educational  websites.

Advanced Web Design-
This tutorial is designed to assist teachers with adding color, images, sound, functionality, and movement to web pages.  It is assumed that this tutorial will be used by those with some prior experience with FrontPage. It is organized to be completed at one's own pace choosing topics of most interest.

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Alien Tourist Adventure:  A WebQuest for 3rd - 5th grade learners in which learners  join a team of experts  to learn as much as possible about a group of intergalactic alien tourists and their homelands.  The aliens accidentally crashed and are dazed and confused so the information they provide is sketchy.  The experts must problem solve and reprogram the spacecraft's computer to return the aliens to the correct home.

Native Americans

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Hypermedia Learning Units:

(Download the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer if you don't not have Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 or higher install on your computer. The embedded videos will only play if you have PowerPoint 2002 or higher actually installed on your computer.)

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Book Websites

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Content Area Units of Study

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