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Need an idea for your next writing project? Browse through the ideas on this page. These ideas were collected from teachers, books, and the Internet. You are sure the find something that will spark your interest.

If you have an idea for a story that you would like to share with other students, let your teacher know so that it can be added to this page.

    Beginnings of Stories

  • I never expected that one day I'd open my closet and find.......

  • It was obviously going to be an unusual day when my mom came into my bedroom and said.....

  • She was a funny old lady, but I knew she had come to tell me.....

  • It was my best friend's deepest secret and it would be a hard one to keep.......

  • Goats, sheep ,and chickens belong on the farm, not in the middle of........

  • Late one night the neighbor knocked on the front door and asked..........

  • Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw.....

  • Have you ever noticed that some people seem to remind you of animals? There is an older man on our street with tired, friendly lines in his face, sort of like a basset hound. I've always liked him.

  • "Boy, do I wish I had stayed at home." I said to myself. "Coming along this excursion was a real mistake!" Little did I know how I was to feel about it later.

  • We were just sitting there on the beach, right at the place where the wet sand ended and the dry sand began. We had been sitting there for a long time, talking about nothing in particular, and only the highest waves came very near to us.

  • Ever since I could remember, I had been fascinated by the big grandfather clock. I used to sit for hours, watching the pendulum or the hands, or trying to see pictures in the grain of the wood.

  • Everyone says that all cats are graceful. I thought this was true, up until the time that Puddy came to live at our house.

  • Bill walked to the window to let in a little air. As he began to raise it, something caught his eye. He stood with his mouth open. There on the lawn below was the strangest thing he had ever seen.

  • At first the noise was very faint and seemed far away. It was an old noise, one that the men didn't recognize. As it moved closer, they went out to see what it might be.

  • The children were playing on the beach when they found the strange footprints in the sand. Their curiosity got the best of them and they decided to follow the tracks along the shore.

  • Mary knew that if her parents found out, she wouldn't be able to sit for days, but she was determined to carry out her plan in spite of this.

  • Closer and closer our ship came to this strange New World. I waited tensely, fearing unknown things, yet at the same time listing in my mind a hundred unanswerable questions. What would I see? What would I hear? What manner of creatures would occupy this place? What tastes and smells and textures would I learn to live with, of which I knew nothing? And most important of all-would our expedition be able to accomplish what we had set out to do?

  • The invitatations were ready. Piles of cream-colored envelopes stood on the dressing table in Katie's bedroom. They would need posting as soon as possible, before people booked their summer holiday.

  • Richard Taylor closed his eyes, but it didn't help. The van had just hit a patch of ice and was sliding to the right. It veered across the frozen surface towards the safety rail...

  • Becky hurried toward the bus top. The rain splashed her light brown hair and plae face, but her face hab been wet long before the rain touched it. She had been crying and still was.

  • It had rainded everyday since Grandma arrived in Florida. Every single day. Grandma sighed deeply as she gazed out of the window.

  • Jerry was a show-off. Whatever you knew, he knew better. Whatever you had, he had better. He could always win the argument by thumping you because he was bigger. However, one day....

    Sets of Circumstances

  • You are the first elementary school student to be elected President of the United States. Write your inaugural address.

  • It is raining very hard. You are one of the many millions of raindrops tumbling through the sky. Tell of your experience.

  • What if everything you touched turned green?

  • If you could plan the perfect party, what would it be like?

  • You have just discovered a huge bone in your back yard as you were digging a garden for your mother. How did it get there, and from what kind of animal did it come?

  • You have won a school contest. The first prize is that you are to be your classroom teacher for the week. What activities will you plan? How will you handle discipline problems?

  • Choose a familiar children's song. Write new lyrics for the melody. Keep the original rhythm and rhyme patterns.

  • What holidays would a peanut celebrate?

  • Think of a current moral issue. Give your opinion.

  • You are a manufacturer of toys for children and have just invented a new toy. Name it. Design the packaging. Write the advertising.

  • A group of men are talking about how each can best encourage people to conserve a natural resource. They are a poet, playwright, a producer of animated cartoons, and a marionette. What does each say?

  • You are among a group of people traveling from the eastern United States to California via the Isthmus of Panama during the gold rush. Keep a record of events as you make the journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific across the Panama.

  • Pretend you are one of the firemen in your fire-fighting department. Pretend there is a fire near where you live. Tell what you do as you help to put out the fire.

  • You are among a group of "wildcatters" who search for oil wells. Your team brings in a "gusher". Tell about what happened.

  • Each guest at the first Thanksgiving makes a speech. Pretend that you are an Indian, one of the Puritan ladies, or the Governor. Write what you would say.

  • You and your family are visiting in Mexico. Write a letter home telling a friend where you have been and what you have seen during the past three days. Don't forget to describe the weather and tell what the food is like; also tell about your means of transportation.

  • You are running. You are running very fast. Imagine why you are running (i.e. in a race, running from something you fear, etc.). Tell exactly how you feel emotionally and how you feel physically.

  • You are a famous explorer who has just made an important discovery. You are being interviewed on television. What does the interviewer ask you? What are your answers? What things will you be sure to mention if he doesn't ask about them?

  • Pretend you are the largest tree in your neighborhood. Tell about important events and the changes that time has brought.

  • You are a scientist, working on a project in plant nutrition. You have planted a number of plants and are conduction an experiment showing what happens when they are not given certain elements. Keep a journal of your progress, day by day, telling what happens to the plants.

    Topics and Titles

  • The Thrilling Ski Vacation

  • The Magical Hockey Stick

  • My Life as a Golfball

  • The PeeWees vs. the Mighty Mites

  • Touchdown for the Tornadoes

  • The Basketball that Wouldn't Bounce

  • In the Boxing Ring with Max Muscles

  • The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy for Christmas

  • Why the Pollyglup Will Never Forget the ZeeZee Bug

  • The Potato Chip that Wouldn't Crunch

  • The Bashful Rhino

  • Willie, the Woeful Wall

  • Mr. Whiffle's Sniffle

  • Fuzzy, Furry Frankie

  • Marvin, the MoMo Monster

  • Creepy Footsteps

  • The Case of the Missing Mummy

  • The Shrinking Room

  • Help. I'm Stuck

  • The Attack of the Midnight Visitor

  • The Runaway Vacuum

  • The Stream that Wandered Away

  • The Mysterious Narts

  • Three Feet of Trouble

  • The Day Tom Sawyer Painted My Fence

  • Our Paper Boy

  • The Quarterback

  • A Magician I Saw Once

  • Someone I'll Never Forget

  • My Brother's Best Friend

  • Our Bus Driver

  • The Beverly Hillbillies Go On A Vacation

  • My Favorite Teacher

  • My Younger Sister

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