Teaching and Learning with Technology
Diana Dell, Ed.S. - Instructional Technology Specialist
Year 2- Communications Arts

Session Goals:

  • understand the basic elements of constructivism

  • develop a plan for implementing inquiry-based teaching or other related constructivist methods and incorporating technology in communication arts lessons

  • learn, laugh, and share!

    Bring a communication arts lesson plan that you would like to transform into an inquiry based lesson!

Essential Questions:  
How can teachers develop communication arts lessons using constructivist principles?

Online resources: http://resources.emints.org/links/commarts/

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops! - How do you meet individual student needs when planning lessons in communication arts?

  • Technology and Communication Arts-

    1. Individually use Inspiration to brainstorm in preparation for writing a testimonial on how being in an eMINTS classroom positively affected one particular student in the previous school year
      Brainstorming accesses prior knowledge!

    2. Read and discuss the webs with your partner as you look for areas that may need clarification.  Ask your partner questions to spur their thoughts.

    3. Individually write a one- to two-paragraph testimonials about how being in an eMINTS classroom positively affected one of your students in the previous school year. You may want to organize your brainstorming webs before writing or create short outlines in Word.

    4. Mini Technology Lesson: Using the Review Tools in Word

    5. Work with your partners again and engage in peer editing using the review tools in Word to add editing comments to your partners writing.

    6. Make revisions and complete your writing.  We will share with our group and give feedback to each writer using Two Wishes and a Star and reflective questioning.

    7. Discussion:  How was this activity student centered?

  • Communication Arts and Technology

    1. Together we will construct a web about how technology can increase student efficiency and productivity in communication arts.

    2. Refer to the module to gather ideas to add to the web.

  • Dinner Break

  • Review Constructivism- Think-Pair-Share

    1. Individually read the module section titled Constructivism and Lesson Design take notes as needed.
    2. Discuss your thoughts with your partner.
    3. Summarize and share your groups thoughts with everyone.

  • Examining Lessons for Constructivist Principles- Use Examining Examples for Constructivist Principles and the Venn diagram in the module to compare and contrast a traditional lesson with a constructivist lesson.

  • Interdisciplinary Considerations- Connecting Communication Arts and technology with other subject areas.

  • Instructional Planning- Use the constructivist lesson plan to transform the  communication arts lesson that you brought.  Remember to integrate technology.

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