Teaching and Learning with Technology
Diana Dell, Ed.S. - Instructional Technology Specialist
Year 1-Building Community and NetSmartz

Session Goals:
  • Be able to evaluate the purposes behind specific management strategies and make appropriate choices based on that information
  • Become familiar with various community-building strategies for use in eMINTS classrooms
  • Develop management plans to implement in eMINTS classrooms
  • Promote Internet safety for students.
People in communities rely on each other and everyone’s contributions to the community are important.

Essential Question:  How can teachers help students develop a feeling of community in a technology-enhanced classroom?

eMINTS Links: http://resources.emints.org/links/buildingcommunity/

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops
    • Cross-Talk Model for Classroom Discussions- "What challenges do you face because of the of technology in your classroom?"
    • Reflect and Discuss-
      • How is the Cross-Talk model different than the discussion technique you are using now?
      • How could you modify this model for use with your students?

  • Working Together: As a team you will arrange the parts of a process into a sequence that makes sense.
    • Reflect and Discuss-
      • How do activities such as this build community?
      • How would your response be different if your salary was determined by the whole group’s accomplishments?

      • How can you prepare students to handle difficult situations that arise when working in a learning community?

  • What is a Community?:  As a team, we will create a Concept Map of Community Building Strategies.

    • We will brainstorm to identify the characteristics that foster classroom community and what we dream for our classrooms.

    • We will use the module and online resources to find or develop strategies to address the characteristics and dreams.

    • Reflect and Discuss-

      • How does brainstorming a topic that students know well help them set goals for new situations?

  • Dinner Break

  • Setting Norms and What About Consequences?: 
    • What if.....?
    • Reflect and Discuss-
      • What challenges and success have you experienced when attempting to set group norms or rules in your classroom?

  • Management: Technology access and use in eMINTS classrooms requires adjustments to traditional classroom management strategies.

    • Using the information presented in the module, each one teach one of the following topics:

    Lining Up

    Sharing a Mouse and Keyboard


    Saving Work

    Class Parties

    Storing Personal Items

    Computer Rules


    • Create a Top Five lists of management ideas you definitely want to implement in your classroom.
    • Reflect and Discuss-
      • How will you make changes in classroom procedures?
      • How will you deal with resistance?
      • How will you stick to your management plan after the honeymoon period?
  • NetSmartz:  Resource for teaching students guidelines for Internet safety
  • Evaluate the session


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