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Year 1- Digital Camera

Session Goals:
  • gain knowledge about the functions of a digital camera

  • understand the basic steps for editing digital images with photo-editing software.

  • share ideas with their clusters about digital-camera usage.

  • discover new ways to use digital cameras and image-editing software to support inquiry-based learning in the classroom.

Essential Question:  How can digital images enhance inquiry-based learning?

eMINTS Links:

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops:  You have made it to the halfway mark of your first year in an eMINTS Classroom.  What have you learned that will help you be better prepared for next year?
  • Bring your digital camera. 
    What questions do you have about how to use it?
  • Classroom Uses of Digital Cameras
  • Flashlight Activity:
    Review of Grappling's Technology Spectrum:
    Classification of Digital Camera Activities
  • Dinner Break
  • Pushing Toward Higher Thinking
  • Image-Editing Software


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