Diana Dell, Ed.S. - Instructional Technology Specialist
Year 1- Inspiration and Questioning Strategies

Session Goals:  
  • develop skills for using Inspiration with students as a tool for organizing information and learning
  • be able to produce visual models and diagrams to meet studentsí needs
  • understand how visual models enhance learning for many reluctant readers and students who struggle with comprehension
  • be able to use the templates in the Inspiration program
  • be able to use Inspiration libraries and be able to add images that fit their curricular needs
  • use a variety of question types to elicit higher level thinking in students during discussions

Essential Questions: 
What tools enhance thinking?
How can teachers develop effective questioning strategies?

eMINTS Resource Links: 
http://resources.emints.org/links/inspiration/  http://resources.emints.org/links/questions/

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops:
    Share the best question that you asked you students today.
    Share one way you have used Inspiration or concept maps with students.

  • Read "The Art of Questioning"

    Questions to guide your reading:
    How can an arc of questions foster the process of inquiry?
    What are the critical attributes of each type of question?:

    • Inference

    • Interpretation

    • Transfer

    • Hypotheses

    • Reflective

  • Where the Wild Things Are.... the book by Maurice Sendak...not your classroom:)

  • Questions to Promote Inquiry and Higher Level Thinking:

  • Dinner Break

  • So What?
    Memory Test 1: http://resources.emints.org/links/inspiration/photos1.htm
    Memory Test 2: http://resources.emints.org/links/inspiration/balls.htm

  • Inspiration to Support Learning: Types of Graphic Organizers

  • Implementation Evaluation Cards:  Does the activity support higher level thinking?

  • What technical questions do you have about using Inspiration?

  • Work Time: Create a template that can be used as a scaffold in the WebQuest that you are revising or one that can be used to improve student performance in reading or writing.


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