Teaching and Learning with Technology
Diana Dell, Ed.S. - Instructional Technology Specialist
Year 1- Internet Resources

Session Goals:
  • gain knowledge about using search engines to locate Internet information for classroom use

  • use eThemes as an effective search tool

  • organize Internet resources using the bookmark features in Internet Explorer

  • use a Web-based bookmark site for saving Internet resources online

  • investigate Copyright laws

Essential Question:  How can teachers find and organize Internet resources for the classroom?

eMINTS Links: http://www.emints.org/links/internetresources/

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops:  Share your professional development goals for 2005.
  • Copyright and Fair Use:
  • Review bookmarking tools, and effective search strategies
  • Use eThemes resources:
    We will build upon the work that year 2 and veterans teachers did in locating online math resources that address the GLEs:

Cooperative Problem Solving Tasks
Math: Addition and Subtraction
Math: Area
Math: Bar, Line, and Picture Graphs
Math: Circle Graphs/Pie Charts
Math: Customary or Standard Measurement
Math: Decimals
Math: Division
Math: Elapsed time
Math: Estimation, Rounding, and Money
Math: Everyday Uses
Math: Expanded Form
Math: Exponents
Math: Fractions
Math: Geometry: Angles and Triangles
Math: Geometry: Lines
Math: Geometry: Shapes
Math: Geometry: Symmetry
Math: Geometry: Transforming Shapes
Math: Geometry for Junior and High School
Math: How Much Is One Million?
Math: Journals
Math: Measuring Shadows
Math: Mental Math
Math: Metric Measurement
Math: Misleading Graphs
Math: Money
Math: Money Facts
Math: Multiples and Factors
Math: Multiplication
Math: Multiplication: Applied
Math: Negative and Positive Numbers
Math: Pattern Blocks and Tangrams
Math: Patterns
Math: Percentages
Math: Perimeter
Math: Place Value
Math: Probability
Math: Problem Solving Strategies
Math: Rounding
Math: Statistics for Graphing
Math: Subtraction
Math: Surveys, Tables, and Graphing
Math: Telling Time
Math: Temperature
Math: Tessellations
Math: Understanding Diagrams
Math: Virtual Manipulatives
Math: Word Problems


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