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Year 1-PowerPoint

Session Goals:
  • Gain knowledge about PowerPoint as an instructional tool that can be integrated across the curriculum
  • Become comfortable using PowerPoint and be able to teach it to students
  • Discover ways to use PowerPoint to support inquiry-based learning

Essential Question:  How can teachers and students use PowerPoint to enhance teaching and learning in the technology-rich classroom?

eMINTS Links: http://resources.emints.org/links/powerpoint/

  • Community Building and Tootsie Pops

  • PowerPoint KWL Chart:  What do we know about PowerPoint?  What do we want to learn?

  • PowerPoint and Inquiry-Based Learning

    • PowerPoint Examples

    • PowerPoint and Inquiry-Based Lessons

    • Projects using PowerPoint

    • PowerPoint Task Cards

    • Tips to Avoid PowerPointlessness

  • Guided Instruction- Select a question from the W column of our KWL chart and answer the question using the module or the online resources as a reference. Present what you learned to the rest of the group.

  • Dinner Break

  • Implementation Plan
    • Teacher Use of PowerPoint
    • Planning Lessons that Use PowerPoint

  • Gallery Walk

  • KWL- Reflection time!  What have you learned?

  • Evaluate the session.

Additional Resources: http://www.ikeepbookmarks.com/showall.asp?folder=968705

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